A Very Zombie Christmas

First of all: Merry Christmas folks! Hope you’ve all had a good one, and that you got lots of loot etc.

As ever my esteemed missus MissMiaw has come up trumps in the Christmas present stakes this year again. In fact I would go so far as to say that she has possibly outdone herself this year.

Behold! The Christmas Health Pack:

Not bad at all eh? It looks a lot like the health packs from Left4dead. In fact it’s so good looking I was almost reluctant to rip it open, but it’s Christmas, and Christmas is for opening presents so I got stuck in.

First up was the list of contents:

Then some of the stuff packed away inside:

The Desktop Dalek is extremely funny. I’ll try and post up a video of it in action.

Here are the rest of the contents:

All in all I think you’ll agree that it’s An outstanding survival pack that should keep me in good stead until MissMiaw decides to come and rescue me from the living dead. Thanks my dear! I’ll need to come up with something even more inventive for you next year. X

1 Response to “A Very Zombie Christmas”

  1. 1 Bill December 28, 2010 at 23:38

    Hey nice pressie, love the survival kit. There’s some essential viewing material to go with it:

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