Minecraft: The Fort

Just to give you a taster of what Minecraft is all about here are a few images from the game McDowall and I started earlier on today.

First up is a shot of our fort from the nearby dried up lake bed. The column of dirt on the left hand side is natural, as is part of the bottom of the fort, but the rest of it was built up in deliberate defiance of Sir Isaac Newton and his puny laws!

Above is the fort seen from further to the west. Not much to look, but not bad for a couple of hours work. Certainly beats the underground hole we were hiding in for the first couple of nights.

A view from the top of the battlements. Most of the lakes down below were created by those damned creepers blowing up in our faces.  You can see a few of the craters scattered about. The whole area seems to be a spawning point for the green swine.

Off to the left of the last shot is the infamous Bridge of Doom (TM) which I built during my first ever go in the driving seat. It was supposed to be a safe route to gather stone and coal, but I ran out of materials halfway across… It’s finished now, but it doesn’t really serve any purpose. Notice the sheep hanging about an abandoned workbench, and the huge creeper blasted hole that leads down for miles just at the right-hand side of the water.

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