The Orange Shop

After much faffing and indecision I finally set out to get my phone upgraded to an iPhone 4. I’ve already made mention of the fact that my current phone has been acting erratically, and it seemed the perfect time to update to one of Apple’s shiny new toys.

I’m on holiday I thought, so I won’t have to come up with an elaborate means to get the thing delivered. I can’t get a personal package delivered to my work as the facilities/mailroom folk have taken umbrage at the number of deliveries and started sending them back as soon as they arrive. It’s probably illegal for them to do that, but it’s difficult to stop them. Well not difficult, but when you set them on fire the survivors invariably complain incessantly.

I’m with Orange and they’ve got an online system for upgrading from within your online account. Sadly I can’t just go into a shop and get it upgraded because the online orange shop is a separate business wing from the high street stores. So they told me when I went into the branch on Sauchiehall Street, and given that they’re normally on commission it seems unlikely that they would turn away a sale for a made up reason.

The website of course started to malfunction the instant I decided to upgrade. When I first tried it on Friday the upgrade link refused point blank to load. So I left it, and waited till Saturday morning to see if it would be fixed. It seemed to work, and I filled in all the required details, and then it crashed at the bit before you confirm your purchase. So far, so sucky. It told me my basket was saved, but there was nothing in the basket when I tried for a second time.

I got throughout he whole ordering process on the second attempt, and everything seemed to go fine, but I’ve never received any kind of email confirmation. No money has left my account, and nothing seems to be moving at all. At first I was paranoid that I typed the wrong email address into the thing, but I’m 100% sure that I got it correct. So now I’m floating in limbo here. I don’t know if the thing has gone through, and I don’t want to risk putting in the details again in case I end up with two charges, two contracts and two phones. I don’t have any information to phone up customer services with, because I naively assumed that an email would follow on to confirm the order.

Looking back to the last time that I upgraded through the web shop, 11/07/2005 no less, I see that I did get a confirmation email, and fairly quickly after I had ordered it. In fact it seems to have been processed, and the phone was readied for dispatch within an hour or so of the order being received.

Now perhaps I’m naive to assume that in 2010 everyone running an online business will send out confirmation emails. Personally I don’t think I’m asking too much, but maybe orange would prefer if you phoned up their customer services where they can give you the hard sell on their phone insurance products and broadband services. The truly unforgivable sin in my eyes though is that their website lacks any form of account system. there’s no way to log in and see the progress of your order. I have no idea if the order is in the system, or if it’s lost in limbo. I’ve already seriously begun to reconsider the upgrade, and I’m on the verge of phoning up and telling them to stick their entire service up their arse.

You hear that Orange? Your online shop pisses me off so much I might ditch you entirely, and this is only the third time I’ve ever used it. Either drag it out of the 1990’s ASAP or I’m out of here.  I refuse to phone up your customer services because I shouldn’t have to. The information should be available to me without having to navigate menus and talk to someone sitting half asleep in a contact centre somewhere. This is the 21st century for feck’s sake!

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  1. 1 Mysterion August 22, 2010 at 13:16

    Switch to o2? X

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