Clack, Clack, Clack…

El Kay is a huge fan of Terry Prattchet and his Discworld novels in particular, so it wasn’t really a surprise that she demanded we watch Sky’s  adaptation of Going Postal as soon as she spotted an advert for it.  Sadly, for one reason and another, we missed it when it was actually broadcast at the end of May, but we finally managed to catch up on it last night through the magic of the internet. The story follows the conman Moist Von Lipwig as he reluctantly takes on the office of Postmaster and attempts to restore the post office to her former glory. He is beset by the constant interference of the nasty Reacher Gilt (played by David Suchet on finely malevolent form) who operates “The Clacks” a long distance communication network based on a form of semaphore.

Having already seen the Discworld brought to life in earlier adaptations of Hogfather and The Colour of Magic I was looking forward to seeing what they could do with one of the newer books. I must admit that I haven’t read a lot of the books, and so I can’t really compare the TV version of Going Postal with the novel, but in my opinion the TV version was brilliant, and I assume the book itself is probably even better.

The show was well written, full of energetic action and excellent acting turns by David Suchet, Richard Coyle, Charles Dance and Clair Foy in the leads, as well as a host of bizarre secondary characters played by a who’s who of famous character actors.  If you haven’t seen it, and you’re a fan of Sir Prattchet’s work then I suggest you get onto the internet and preorder the forthcoming DVD.

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