I love wiki sites; especially ones about games and TV shows. The level of detail that some of them go into about the most trivial minutiae of their subjects is truly astonishing and would rival a real encyclopaedia for scope.  Some of my current favourites are:

  • Tardis Index File
    The Doctor Who Wiki. What this site doesn’t know about Doctor Who is plainly not worth knowing. If you don’t know your Dalek from your Sonic Screwdriver this will sort you out. The articles are well written, well researched and many hold behind the scenes information that adds insight into design and story choices that were made while the show was being created.
  • Memory Alpha
    This one is the daddy of all Sci-Fi show wikis. A vast library of infomratipn on every possible aspect of the Star Trek universe from Andora to some alien Kirk punched out once that has a name beginning with Z. Much like the Dr Who wiki above there’s a wealth of informaiton about the show’s production that’s almost as interesting as the articles themselves.
  • Wookiepedia
    The Star Wars Wiki. This one is a monstrously large and detailed site. It had to be though as Star Wars has to be one of the largest franchises in history.
  • He-Man Wiki
    Everybody loves He-Man! By the power of Grayskull etc. This Wiki gives the lowdown on what the power of Grayskull really is, and a lot more besides.
  • Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
    An exhaustive Wiki that covers everything to do with the Elder Scrolls games from The Elder Scrolls: Arena published in 1994 to the recent award winning The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Indispensible if you want to know everything there is to know about Bethesda’s incredibly detailed world.

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