Encyclopaedia Dramatica

I love the Encyclopaedia Dramatica (absolutely NSFW). For those of you that have never strayed onto it’s pages it’s a parody site done using the same software and a similar community editing model as Wikipedia, but the similarities end abruptly at that point. Encyclopaedia Dramatica exists primarily to make fun of the internet, internet culture and culture in general. It’s riddled with childish humour, homophobia, racism, sexism and a dozen other things ending in -ism that have yet to be described by science. The authors take no prisoners with their subjects, particularly internet “celebrities” like Perez Hilton, who take a serious tanking throughout their articles.

I know it’s politically incorrect at best, and downright evil at worst, but I can’t help but laugh at much of the stuff on it. I’ve read a lot of the articles on it now, surfing from page to page like you would in any Wiki, and I’m both surprised and scared about how much some of it sounds like the little voice in my head that I have to keep under lock and key.

Check it out, but bring an open mind and a twisted sense of humour, and if you don’t like what you see there’s always whatport80.com which is a far more work safe parody site.

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