Got Wood?

I’m abjectly tired of office work. It feels like a thankless never-ending cycle of drudgery for with little or no chance of personal fulfilment. This afternoon I’ve spent three and a half hours going through an ancient Microsoft Access 97 database manually changing a single field in hundreds of records from “Valid – To Be Charged” to “Valid – Closed”. Why was I doing it manually? Because nobody knows the password to open up the database in design mode so I can create a query to automate the process. Why don’t they know the password?

Simple: The guy who built it left in 2004 and never told anyone what it was.

In the past I’ve considered setting myself up in business building custom computers, but that seems to be a ten-a-penny business nowadays. The vast majority of people that want custom built PCS are also the kind of people that wouldn’t let anyone else interfere in the construction of the machine.

I’ve taken an odd notion recently about quitting my job and setting myself up as a craftsman of some kind. Logically it’s probably not a good idea as I don’t have any manual craft skills. I made a pencil case and a roasting fork  in Tech Studies at the school, but that was nearly twenty years ago.

Regardless of my lack of skills I do have a healthy dose of arrogant overconfidence in my own abilities, and a layman’s inclination to believe that, “that doesn’t look so hard.” Strangely I’ve been giving some cursory thought to the idea of quitting my day job and setting myself up as a purveyor of hand made furniture . I’ve had this sort of rustic idea of creating simple, utilitarian tables, chair and things out of decent quality wood and selling them on the internet.

Now practically speaking I don’t have the skills to make masterful pieces of furniture from scratch, and even if I could there’s no guarantee that people would buy them instead of some fifty quid mass produced effort from Ikea. In my dreams though, my idle daydreams that sustain me when the excel spreadsheets are sucking out my soul, I can be free to work at my own pace; creating wonderful things.

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