The Newspaper Question

I’ve been wondering, out of hand, how difficult it would be to start up a newspaper. I know that individuals have done it in the past, HP Lovecraft for one, but is it something that might still be possible in this day and age. It’s unlikely that it would be a profitable enterprise given that most established papers are losing money hand over fist, but maybe something along the business model of the Metro might be successful.

I bet you’re wondering why why might someone like me want to start a newspaper though, and what could I offer that isn’t already out there. In truth I’m not sure, but I know that a newspaper nowadays is more than something to report the news. Maybe there’s a market for a newspaper that’s consciously unbiased? Would people be interested in just reading the news without someone sticking a pair of tits on it like the sun, or blaming immigrants like the Daily Mail? Just the facts ma’am.

Could we dare dream of such a world…

Even the reliotively non-partisan Metro isn’t perfect. Its pages are almost 50% adverts. Understandable given that the paper is given away free every day in many major cities, but it’s content suffers as a result. I half-joking, half-seriously, often point out stories in the Metro that were on the front page of Digg days before. I can’t prove that they’re lifting their features from the internet to save money, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. Still that’s better than those papers that are still blatantly manufacturing the news and trying to pretend it’s serious journalism. Say what you like about the Daily Star for example. At least they realise they’re all about tits, sport and celebrities, and they’ve never tried to be anything else.

Wonder if the missus would kill me for starting a Daily Star clone…

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