Ring Out The Bells

There’s something that I’ve noticed, suddenly, about Glasgow on a Sunday: the silence. I don’t mean after the end of the world silence, or the silence of a mountain glen. I’m talking specifically about the silence that occurs between 10 and 11AM on a Sunday morning.

The absence of kirk bells.

At the minute I live within five minutes walk of at least one church. I can actually see the steeple from my doorstep, but I’ve never heard its bells ringing. Conversely the church in the village where my folks live rings out every Sunday morning without fail and has done since it was built over a century ago. It’s not unique to their little pocket of Ayrshire either. Up and down the UK bells ring out every Sunday calling the faithful to prayer. I can’t find a reason for the lack of church bells either, and I know for a fact that the Adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, is broadcast from the Glasgow Central Mosque on Fridays. It seems odd that no churches ring out on a Sunday in a city that’s so adamant in it’s religious convictions.

As an experiment I would like to hear, and see, the effect of every kirk bell in Glasgow ringing out in unison at some appointed hour.

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