30 Days to Polling Day

The news today is filled with the announcement that Gordon Brown has called a general election on the 6th of May. The Sun and it’s ilk are already playing the “beleaguered Brown” card, but is he really as beleaguered as they would like their readers to believe.

The real question of the day is: will we have a new government after the election?

In my opinion the Tories and the Liberal Democrats have little to offer the UK if they are elected. Their policies and manifesto’s smack of slick marketing campaigns aimed at attacking the current Labour government and promising to fix whatever the media considers to be the “issues of the day”. Make no mistake here it’s all knee-jerk, scatter-shot rhetoric designed with one purpose, and one purpose alone: the get elected.

In short the same old bullshit.

The trouble with a our “democratic” system of government it can be difficult to unravel the whys and wherefores behind many of the initiatives, pieces of legislation and announcements that come out of Westminster. It’s very difficult at times to see past the insincere promises, false smiles and outright lies to get at the heart of what these prospective leaders are all about. Deep down, beneath all the crap, it’s really a personality contest isn’t it? Whoever sways the most voters with his practices receive pronunciation, emphatic inflections and hand crafted speeches will be king for four years. There may be an election, but ultimately the entire country is stuck with whomsoever made the most appealing promises even if for four years they turn out to be totally incompetent, or worse.

It’s  also very easy for say a waning Tory government, the Thatcher Government for example,  in it’s last days to pass a piece of legislation that fits their political ideas, but to delay its implementation until well into their successor’s tenure. This was the unpopular changes become law, but the new government gets the blame. It’s common in America around presidential elections, and it seems to be increasingly popular now.

I’ll be voting, and I urge you all to do the same. I also urge you to be thoughtful with your vote and not waste it on any of the single issue parties, or local protest parties. You’re vote counts, literally and figuratively, and remember if you don’t vote you can’t complain when the government gets it wrong.

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