The Same Old Faces

I’ve posted before that I regularly walk to work and back, and that it’s a fairly long walk compared to what most normal people seem to do.  One of the more interesting things about travelling four miles on foot to get to work is that you get plenty of time to observe your surroundings. Things that flash by in the blink of an eye while you’re in a car suddenly become noticeable when the world is slowed down to walking pace.

One particular thing that amuses me is that I’ve begun to notice certain individuals that walk in the opposite direction. What’s more interesting than that is the fact I’ve begun to realise that I can judge how early or late I am by when, or if, I see them during my walk.

Now I’m sure, given the regimented ways of human employment, that there are many others I pass every day, but these particular individuals stand out for reasons.

Every morning, just after I leave the flat, I see a guy that I call Bike Gear Man. Bike gear man appears to be a fairly generic person who uses his bike to get to work. He hasn’t went all out and bought the latest carbon frame super-cycle, but he does have a fairly shiny hybrid bike and plenty of hi-vis equipment. You couldn’t miss him if you wanted to. What’s outstanding about him is the fact that he seems completely incapable of using the gears on his bike. He grinds along, pedalling for all his worth, and gets nowhere because he’s constantly got the bike in the lowest gear possible.

Next up is a guy that looks a bit like Worzel Gummage in a padded body warmer. I’m not entirely sure where he works, but he has a wild and unkempt look about him which makes him seem like an interesting character. His googly eyes put me off saying hello though. I’m scared he might chuck me off the Squinty Bridge.

Up from teh squinty bridge I regularly overtake a guy I like to call the Man Mountain. He’s an enormous gentleman who wheezes his way up towards PC World in Finnieston at a snails pace. He doesn’t seem to mind being overtaken though. He moves at a fairly constant pace so it’s easy for me to judge how late or early I am by how far up the road he’s managed to go.

Next I usually see the Sikh Joiner who cuts past me fairly quickly while loaded down with all of his carpentry tools. He seems like quite a nice old gent with a greying beard and orange turban. It’s odd to see a tradesman wandering about on foot and not in a battered transit, and even odder that he carries all his tools with him including a battered old hand made saw horse.

Next up is a female version of the Man Mountain who comes ambling down the road with an old, battered personal CD player in one hand and a ragged old jute bag in the other. She has to pause frequently to have a wee rest and is always wearing great fluffy earmuffs. She looks fairly scary to be honest.

The last person I always see is the Turbo Chinese Lady. I see her every day on the same stretch and she’s always jogging towards the city centre  in all weathers. I even saw her when I had to resort to the bus during the big winter freeze. That’s dedication for you.

1 Response to “The Same Old Faces”

  1. 1 Mrs Chaddington March 25, 2010 at 15:09

    all that way just to pick up a chicken…

    seems I can only access your blog before 6pm by the way

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