A Long Time Ago…

I just discovered the disk for Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance buried at the bottom of one of my drawers and it’s got me thinking about the potential that was missed with the game. Don’t get me wrong though, it was an excellent addition to the venerable X-Wing game series, but it could have been much much more than just another space fighter game.

In X-Wing Alliance, or XWA as it’s known to fans, you play the role of the unfortunately named Ace Azzameen the youngest son of an outer rim merchant family. You spend much of the start of the game cutting about aboard a battered old freighter doing missions for various members of your family before inevitably joining the Rebel Alliance. While in the alliance though you occasionally have to head home to help out your family with transport jobs, rescue missions and so on using the family space freighters. It adds an interesting bit of variety to the battles against the dastardly Galactic Empire.

What I would love to see though would be a game based in the Star Wars universe that combined elements of the X-Wing games, and space trader games like Elite and the X series.

I know that there is sort of an element of this already in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies, and possibly in the forthcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic, but these feel clumsy and bolted on instead of being the core of the game play.

What I would love to see is a game where you can traverse the Star Wars Galaxy, or even a small part of it, at will. Trading, privateering, blockade running and carrying out random missions for various factions. As the player grows richer they can invest in upgrades, hire new associates, buy increasingly powerful ships and eventually end the game with a vast fleet, space installations and a fortune in credits.

I’m surprised nobody has thought to develop a game like this yet.

Incidentally I love Wookiepedia the Star Wars Wiki site. I could probably spend days reading it and never get bored.

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