El Kat and I took a trip out to TGI Fridays on Buchanan Street last night for one of our infrequent evening soirées that we have in an attempt to treat my Grumbling Unshaven Hermit Disorder.

In the past TGI’s fayre has always been good, not outstanding, but good for a chain restaurant. They do seem to have an obsession with putting Jack Daniels Sauce on everything, but it generally adds to the flavour rather than being overpowering. The Buchanan Street store was recently refurbished so we were expecting an OK meal at a fair price, and poor Kat is probably sick of having to go into Pizza Hut for Stuffed Crust pizzas.

I love those Stuffed Crust Pizzas!

Sadly this story doesn’t have a happy ending. First of all they managed to sit the pair of us in one of those half moon booths designed for drunken hen parties to crush into. The reupholstered couches were comfortable enough, and there was plenty of elbow room, but on the downside a few other tables had to put up with us staring right at them throughout our meal. We made a valiant effort to avoid seemingly like we were staring at the trio of people were directly opposite us when we arrived, but I apologise if they felt uncomfortable.

Our waitress was efficient, maybe overly efficient as she was round wanting to know if we were ready to order/getting on OK/enjoying ourselves/finished/finished yet/finished now/how about now/now/OK finished now? At least she didn’t seem to be in a particular hurry to get us out the door, and there was no hint of exasperation in her voice so I assume she was just being helpful.

El Kat ordered some Spicy Buffalo Wings and Sizzling Chicken and I got some Potato Skins, of course, and a Jack Daniels Monterey Burger. Our appetizers arrived promptly enough, but there was a horrible taste of salt when I bit into the first Potato Skin. I wasn’t just a nip of salt either, but a full on mouthful like the salt shaker had been accidentally spilt on top of them. Since the skins consist of potato, cheese and bacon I’m fairly sure that salt isn’t a regular ingredient: Nasty!

Meanwhile I noticed that the trio opposite us were picking at their food and looking around like a gaggle of nervous meerkats. Their food looked decidedly dodgy with burnt burger buns, droopy lettuce and apparently cold fries. Not exactly what you want to hear just before your own meals appear. Kat’s Sizzling Chicken seemed OK, but myMonterey burger was intensely salty tasted, as were the fries, and the greenery in the burger itself was droopy and malnourished looking. I ate it of course, there’s weans starving in Africa as you know, but quickly started to regret it. The entire thing started talking to me almost straight away, and I developed an overwhelming desire to fall asleep as did Kat. It’s almost as though they laced our food with Roofies in an attempt to keep us in the place buying cocktails. Kat seemed OK at first, but we weren’t five minutes out of the place though when she developed severe indigestion and and pains in her stomach. Thankfully it wasn’t food poisoning or anything, but that doesn’t make it any less unpleasant.

Sorry El Kat! I’ll pick somewhere better next time!

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