At times it causes me actual physical pain to realise that the world seems to revolve around the lowest common denominator. Every piece of so called news in the papers and on TV seems to be either over dramatised to sell papers or revolves around some halfwit celebrity that’s got their kit off, rocks off or mouthed off while in the public eye. Personally I don’t care how many people Tiger Woods has allegedly pumped, ditto for Ashley Cole and any other one trick pony. In my humble opinion they’re simply not worth the column inches that’s devoted to them. If you ask me their infidelities belong somewhere near the middle of the paper next to the reader’s offers section that sells electric back scratchers and three slice toasters.

I’m giving serious consideration to starting an e-petition at The Prime Ministers Office website to demand a change in the law that will force all tabloid newspapers to replace their name with ARSE FODDER in giant letters. I figure if papers like The Sun are going to print a load of half baked shite they should at least be forced to say so up front.

I’ve even made a mock up to show what it would look like:

I think I might start doing more weird MS Paint drawings…

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