The Sunday Odyssey

I found myself at a loose end this morning and decided to take my lazy ass out for a long bike ride to blow out some of the cobwebs forming in my brain. I also took the oppertunity to photograph some stuff I’ve been meaning to get pictures of for some time.

First up is this shop on Balmore Road:

I don’t know about you but I don’t think Possil will rank very high on the list of shopping locations for the WAGS of the world no matter how much class (or lack there of) they may have.

Second up is a picture I’ve been itching to take ever since the man they call McDowall and the woman they now call Mrs McDowall moved to Ralston. Yes it’s a picture of the legendary sign for Darvel Crescent!

Just incase you’re wondering about the “Dentist Open As Usual” sign beside it: the entire street is currently closed at the Glasgow Road end. Since the people of Ralston are surgically attached to their cars they need reassurance that local amenities don’t shut down when they can’t reach them without walking more than 50 yards.

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