Holy Body-popping-lemur-lizards Batman

The world of computer games (and pc games in particular) seems to have entered some kind of drought. There seems to have been nothing but utter rubbish released since Crysis was released back in November. Hopefully however the tide will turn soon with the upcoming release of STALKER: Clear Sky and Spore.

Spore is a fascinating concept. You control the destiny of life on a cartoon-like alien world from single cell organism to space-faring hyper power. The game is divided into distinct stages which increase in complexity, from the pac-man like microbe stage at the beginning to the Sim-City like civilization phase at the end. It’s an ambitious idea and I’m itching to play it.

Maxis and EA have just released a demo version of the built in creature creator and I’ve been having a bash with it. The whole thing is remarkably easy to use and puts me in mind of that play-doh stuff all the rich kids had at school. Not that I didn’t enjoy playing about in muddy burns, but there’s a certain satisfaction in making stuff out of non-toxic material with the consistency of raw jobby.

Apologies, I digress from the business at hand.

The creature creator is brilliant even though it’s limited to only 25% of the parts available in the full game (unless you pay a fiver for the full set as a bolt on). I hope it reflects the finished game and we don’t end up with another situation like Black and White where the entire first level is a tutorial that puts you off the rest of the game.

Anyhow, here’s my first attempt at a beastie: The Stripy Beast

If that wasn’t scary enough, you can export videos straight into YouTube, here’s the wee guy bodypopping his heart out.

2 Responses to “Holy Body-popping-lemur-lizards Batman”

  1. 1 MCDOWALL June 22, 2008 at 13:25

    Acht it does look like it might be fun, but then so did TEH SIMS the first time round before EA raped you up the ass with 4million clones and SEQUELS

  1. 1 I’m Going To Regret This Post at GreyKodiak Trackback on June 23, 2008 at 21:08

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