Squinty, Squinty Whereforartthou?

Finally after six months of emergency repairs it looks as though the Squinty Bridge will be back in operation by the end of June. No more having to wander through town dodging jakes and Oxfam PR wallopers every single day! Hallelujah!

In other news I think the guys that provide the map data for Microsoft better take a look at their map of Finnieston. They’ve got the bridge marked as the Squinty Bridge as though that’s its official name. I’ll tell you this though, Glasgow Council are a wee bit defensive when folk start calling it the Squinty Bridge in official stuff. In fact every time I’ve been daft enough to call it the Squinty Brig within earshot of a Glasgow Council worker they’ve tried to take my face off!

“It’s the CLYDE ARC BRIDGE you Ayrshire philistine,” remarked one high ranking gentleman within the roads department.

I hadn’t the heart to tell him that Philistines don’t come from Ayrshire…

Still Microsoft is still doing better than Google (for once) who don’t even have the bridge on their maps. In fact it’s so out of date they haven’t even started building the bridge yet and the fancy flats next door aren’t on it either.

The time difference between the two sets of aerial views is quite interesting. The activity on the river at the SECC dates the Microsoft picture to the river festival on the 15th of July 2006. The Google version meanwhile doesn’t have the Squinty Bridge for a start. Tellingly it does show the Crème De La Crème restaurant still standing on Argyll Street and the place was demolished in early 2005!

I think Google need to get their fingers out and get some new pictures.

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