Lost: One Pointy Stick

I like to think that I’ve got a fairly sharp eye for detail. I tend to notice when things are out of place or interesting, the things that the vast majority of people walk past all the time without questioning.

One such thing is the statue of St. George and the Dragon at St. George’s Cross in Glasgow. Normally I skirt around the statue without getting too close. A few weeks back however I decided on a whim to wander past it to take a closer look. Two things immediately struck me about the statue. Firstly it’s a mess, the whole thing is coated in a thick layer of moss and lichen as you can see in this picture:

Secondly I noticed that poor old St. George is missing a weapon as you can see:

Unfortunately I can’t find any old pictures of the statue so I’m not sure exactly what it would have looked like. I assume that it was probably made of brass or copper since there are a couple of copper fixtures in the shape of riding tack on the statue.

Ever since I’ve noticed it’s missing I’ve been wondering what happened to it. Was it removed during the war to feed the metal shortage? Did the health and safety brigade remove it to protect the local weans (even though they left the pointy railing) or did the local bam population pinch it for their weapon collection?

1 Response to “Lost: One Pointy Stick”

  1. 1 N315LNS April 17, 2008 at 09:47

    I certainly remember seeing this when I worked at Maplin. I think it was copper, because it had turned green with the rust. Suspect it’s probably in some student bedroom somewhere.

    There was a also a monument in Cardonald cemetary which I recall had a black sword on either side at one point but then one side was removed – presumably not by H&S because they would have taken the other one too.

    PS metalprices.com says that copper is £4.42/kG

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