Abort, Retry, Fail… WTF? II

Today on wikipedia the featured article was supposed to be about Chrono Trigger an influential japanese computer RPG. Imagine my surprise when I clicked the link to be presented with this image:


That’s right, someone has replaced the entire article with the infamous goatse.cx image of a man stretching his own anus beyond normal human limits. What’s most bizarre about this bit of vandalism is the fact the image is a giant bit of ASCII art. It’s amazing and disgusting in equal measure! I wonder how long it will stay up…

10/10 for audacity and effort, vandals I salute ye!

Update – It lasted less time than it took me to write this post.

2 Responses to “Abort, Retry, Fail… WTF? II”

  1. 1 GreyKodiak April 10, 2008 at 21:01

    Thur arse picture is obviously cursed 😦

  1. 1 Wiki-whiiiit? Take Two at GreyKodiak Trackback on June 19, 2008 at 20:09

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